My jewellery is made from Iona Greenstones with sterling silver settings in my workshop at Dervaig on the Isle of Mull.

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The rare and beautiful greenstones in my jewellery are found only on the Scottish island of Iona, mainly in the little bays of the south coast, including Columba’s Bay. The stones are sometimes known as ‘Columba’s Tears’. All the stones I use have been gathered on Iona by me and members of my family.

Each greenstone is unique and is a form of serpentined marble. The serpentine is noted for its translucence. For generations, local people and visitors to the island have prized Iona greenstones which are claimed to have general healing powers and to protect you from shipwreck, fire and miscarriage.

When Johnson and Boswell visited Iona in 1773, they reported that the medieval altar of serpentined marble in the original Iona Abbey had completely disappeared as a result of people breaking off fragments in the hope of bringing themselves good fortune.
The Isle of Iona holds a special place in history. In AD563 St Columba came from Ireland to this tiny Scottish island where he founded a monastery.
St Columba and his followers were eventually responsible for converting much of Scotland and Northern England to Christianity. Iona became a major religious site, a centre of art, craft and learning whose reputation was international.
The style of Christianity associated with St Columba taught that religion should be kept simple. Believers often went to remote islands to live as hermits and erected very simple crosses.